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Best Free Finance APIs

Throughout the years the financial business has seen extensive appropriation of innovation. Lately, a large number of startups have embraced inventive technology for improving services and the quality of products.

One of these arrangements is to use APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) that allows clients and engineers to effectively connect to their respective platforms.

Following are some the best, free finance-related APIs that you can use:

Coinbase API
Coinbase API
Coinbase API

Coinbase acts as a cryptocurrency wallet where consumers and sellers can negotiate and make transactions. It offers a user-friendly interface that has played a major role in the acceptance and exchange of digital currency over the years.

Coinbase API provides a way for developers and business ventures to integrate cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum into the main system framework. The single purpose API utilizes an API Key and OAuth 2 confirmation model dependent on the RESTFUL architecture. It is compatible with a number of formats including, “XML response format and JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format”.

Coinbase API is free but has a user limit set to 10,000 per hour. Further, it is extremely easy to use and is currently being utilized by a large number of developers. There is also extensive documentation available which can help resolve your issues in no time.

You can set up your Coinbase API keys in a few easy steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and go the settings
  2. Click on ‘API access’ tab and then ‘+ New API Key’
  3. Configure the API settings from a list of possible options and decide to read or update privileges
  4. Scroll down and click on ‘Generate’, and you’re done!  You can get it from here.
Blockchain API
Bitcoin Developer APIs
Bitcoin Developer APIs

Another noteworthy API for financial applications is the Blockchain API. Offering a simple and easy to use interface, it allows the users to push payments and transactions using electronic wallets. It enables the sellers to process Bitcoin payments by using a single Bitcoin address. Like the Coinbase API, it is also a single purpose API that uses an API key authentication model, based on the RESTFUL architecture. Further, it is compatible with the “XML response format and JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format”.

Blockchain API is easy to use and set up even if you are not well versed in the technical terminology. Extensive documentation is available so if you run into an issue, there are resources present online that can help you solve it in no time. There are a number of benefits of using the Blockchain API, especially in comparison to Blockchain. To begin with, the API can be used with a number of applications, is user-friendly, and also cost-free!

You can access the API from here.

Yahoo Finance API

Yahoo finance API is a great option that provides you with the necessary features and is also free. Based on Yahoo’s finance database, the API provides a review and analysis of the stocks, along with budgetary news, information and commentary. It also features stock statements, official releases and financial reports.

The API permits developers to access and coordinate finance related information from the stock market and other financial institutions into third-party applications. While it is great, the API does not come with any public documentation or tutorial, making it relatively difficult to use. In case you run into a problem, there is no place to go.

You can get the API from Yahoo or GitHub.

Stocktwits API
Stocktwits API Overview
Stocktwits API Overview

Ideal for finance-related applications and websites that make use of the social structure of its users, The Stocktwits RESTful API permits you to use data, such as the client base, social graphs and content network that is the pushing force behind the Stocktwits community. The APIs allow the clients to easily access and use the Stocktwits social graph, show curated information streams, incorporate watch lists, and effectively share messages, links and charts from the application.

Stocktwits API follows the same framework as the Coinbase API and is based on Restful architecture, using an API key and OAuth 2 authentication model. It supports JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format and XML response format.

Currently, a large number of developers have shown interest in integrating the Stocktwits API with their projects. It is easy to use and also has documentation available that covers majority of the issues that you might run into.

Access the Stocktwits API from here.

Financial Times API
Financial Times Developer Programme
Financial Times Developer Programme

Financial Times is another great API that you can use for your finance applications. Financial Times is one of the world’s driving news associations, perceived globally for its power, respectability and accuracy. They give a wide scope of data, news, and services for the worldwide business network. By giving access to a powerful channel of enhanced full-text FT articles in realtime and a 5+ year archive, Financial Times API enables the development teams to use the FT production frameworks to make digital products within their own application.

The API empowers developers to fabricate applications by joining world-driving news and expert analysis from the content database. It is a single purpose API that uses an API key and OAuth 2 authentication model with RESTFUL architecture. It supports XML response format, CRUD request format/URI Query String, and JSONP.

There is also extensive documentation available that makes the integration process extremely simple and user-friendly. You can find the API here.

Paybook API
Paybook API
Paybook API

Paybook is a center point that interfaces individuals with their financial world. By using ‘bank connectivity and innovative technology’, Paybook’s solutions cultivate efficiency and monetary lucidity to improve the lives and tasks of people and organizations around the globe.

The Paybook API lets you integrate your products with financial establishments, government offices, and utility service organizations for a consistent progression of finance related information and digital stamping services.

Designed particularly for Fintech developers, the API changes crude financial information from establishments like banks, the SAT, and utility services into a composed, simple to-utilize, JSON format file that developers can utilize. It is also well documented and easy to use, so you can set it up without any hassle. Get access to the documentation here.

Selecting the perfect API is entirely dependent on your needs. Getting one of the above can undoubtedly come in handy for improving the user experience and ultimately increasing your customer base. If you are looking for more API’s that can increase the user experience of your app, go to Servernope and find that perfect match or create new challenges for the community!