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Top 5 Weather APIs

Contrary to popular belief, weather plays a major role in our lives. Whether its planning trips, going out for shopping, or having health issues, weather conditions are a primary factor in deciding our fate.

Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that allow you to connect to large databases of weather-related information, and get updates from all around the world, directly in your application. Following are some of the top 5 weather APIs that you should definitely consider getting:

OpenWeatherMap API
Open Weather API

To get you started, OpenWeatherMap is one of the best weather APIs available right now, it’s a must-have on our top 5 weather APIs list. With the ability to fetch data from anywhere at any time, the platform provides you with the latest updates in a matter of seconds. You can get weather information of over 200,000 cities, collected from more than 40,000 weather stations. It comes with a range of options that you can choose from, including:

  • Current Weather Data
    • Current data of over 200,000 cities
    • Available in JSON, XML or HTML Format
    • Available in the free subscription
  • Hourly forecast
    • Hourly forecast that is available for 4 days
    • Data with over 96 timestamps
    • Offers a higher geographical accuracy
  • One Call API

    This is the latest feature added to OpenWeatherMap. One Call API lets you make just one API call and fetch the current, forecast and historical data.

    • Minute forecast – 1 hour
    • Hourly forecast – 48 hours
    • Daily forecast – 7 days
    • Historical data – 5 previous days

Apart from these, there are several long-term options available as well. Learn more:

Weatherbit API


Weatherbit API is another great API that you can use. With a database of over 120,000 stations, the API provides you with accurate and highly localized weather updates. You can get current weather data from 45,000 stations and historical data spanning over a period of 10 years.

The algorithm is highly sensitive and can retrieved data based on a number of keys, including:

  1. Longitude and latitude coordinates
  2. City name
  3. City ID
  4. Weather station ID
  5. Postal code
  6. Airport ICAO code
  7. IP address

Apart from the general weather updates, Weatherbit also provides “severe weather” alerts and information on the current air quality index. There are a range of categories and subcategories available, each with its own set of specifications. You can choose from:

  • Current Weather
    • Current Weather API
    • Sever Weather Alert API
    • Current Air Quality API
  • Historical Weather
    • Daily historical weather API
    • Hourly historical weather API
    • Climate normal API (1981 – 2010)
    • Cooling and Heating Degree Day History API
    • Historical Air Quality API
    • Historical Ag-Weather API
  • Weather Forecasts
    • Forecast API – 16 days/daily
    • Forecast API – 120 hours/hourly
    • Cooling and heating degree day forecast API
    • Air quality forecast API
    • Ag-weather forecast API

The interface is also extremely user-friendly and there is extensive documentation available that can walk you through any problem you might come across. Learn more:



AccuWeather is one of the most popular weather applications used by people. It offers nine different APIs, including:

  • Forecast API
  • Current Conditions API
  • Imagery API
  • Alert API

Delivering current, forecasted and historical weather data for a number of different locations across the globe, AccuWeather helps you stay updated with the latest information. It also offers an Indices API that is not available in any other Weather applications.

It provides details about flight delays, stargazing, mosquito activity along with several index values for different locations, on a daily basis. The API is easy to get used to, with a pretty user-friendly interface. Detailed documentation is also available that can help you sort your confusions. There are a number of free and paid plans, that vary in terms of specifications and the data they fetch.

Learn more:

Dark Sky API
Dark Sky API

Offering a number of APIs, the Dark Sky application is one of the most accurate sources of weather information. Labeled as the “best weather API” on Reddit, the platform lets you retrieve data from Dark Sky’s vast database. The API provides a number of options to choose from, including:

  • Current weather
  • Forecasts for an hour – per minutes
  • Forecasts for 7 days – per hour and per day
  • Yearly forecasts – per hour and per day
  • Severe weather alerts in several countries

There are two types of API requests – Forecast and Time Machine. The former retrieves current weather data for the coming week, whereas the latter gets weather conditions for a particular date. The platform offers 1000 free API calls per day. If you go past that limit, each call costs $0.0001. Further, it does not have an icon, so you have the option to get any third-party icon or make a customized one. The API is user friendly and has easy to follow documentation available, that can walk you through the whole process. Learn more:

ClimaCell API


ClimaCell API is the world’s best “hyper-local API”, that is based on use cases and is fully customizable. Offering map layer visualizations and following a use case driven model, the API provides you with accurate weather-related information along with actionable insights. The setup is simple and requires a few lines of code. Further, documentation is also available to help you solve any issue you might face.

Getting a weather API can certainly come in handy, especially if you are an avid traveler. Whether it is for planning trips or taking precautionary measures before severe weather conditions, those top 5 weather APIs can provide valuable information.

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