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Best book flight API’s for 2020

A variety of things have to be taken into consideration before you can book a flight that really suits you. From matching your date and time with the available flights offered by your favorite airlines, to finding the right fare class that comes within your price range, deciding on what plane to board is no easy task.

You could save yourself the hassle of browsing through all airline websites and go to one that compares flights offered by different airlines.

There are several websites that claim to do just that for you, but none of them has the best deals all the time. Following are some of the best flight booking API’s you should definitely checkout:


Momondo has got the most rave reviews, and as far as ratings go, Momondo certainly comes on top there too. It has been so well received over the years that it has developed into a fully functional OTA after being launched as only an aggregator back in 2006. Known as the go-to option for 11th hour bookings, Momondo is easy to navigate with a price checker that will even check other OTAs to get you the best deal. With filters that do not miss even the most trivial details on any website across the globe, it is hard to compete with it. The mix and match fares, however, mean that you have to make separate reservations on the websites.

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One of the many reasons that could not be further down the list and had to come second place is the exceptional filters it offers. The site leaves every last detail up to you. Whether it is the flight timings, airports’ location, or layovers, you get to decide everything. Although there is hardly anything new about features like flexible dates, has often reported to have offered customers some surprisingly low prices. One would expect the website to be cluttered with all these details it offers but the layout shows you everything clear as day.

Learn more: was the first website to offer flights with low budget airlines. Apart from naturally offering some of the cheapest flights, the API has a lot offer. It is one of few websites that offer vacation packages and monthly prices on flight bookings, so you do not splurge when you don’t need to. It also shows a wider range of destinations in a given country as compared to other sites, and also searches other OTAs for you. However, site isn’t always reliable for 11th hour bookings which is a deal breaker for many people. The flexible dates feature is also relatively simple.

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Kayak, a metasearch engine (a search engine that uses results from web search engines), leaves a wide range of tools at your disposal that even search as far as 10 months ahead of time, to find exactly the kind of flight you’re looking for. However, since the prices are subject to a lot of market risks, they tend to be averaged out. We also would not recommend this particular site if you are easily bugged by ads. The site more than makes up for this little shortcoming by predicting the prices over time and offering to notify you about them.

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Google Flights
Google Flights, like Kayak, is not an OTA; however, it does make for a terrific search engine. Not only does it let you make use of the Maps feature to pick out your precise destination, it also predicts prices for your selected route over time. On one hand, it doesn’t bother you with ads, but on the other it doesn’t book you a flight directly, which means it  directs you onto the airline’ s website where you do it yourself. However, overall, it is a great tool for finding the best possible flights!

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CheapOair, apart from offering more or less the same prices as its competitors, has been awarded on several platforms for its incomparable customer service and has also been regarded as one of the best sites for all those 11th-hour bookings. It can automatically select flights without layovers. Sadly, it does not have the best reviews for delivering on reservations made a little ahead of time. Furthermore, the ads are often found to be misleading about the cheap prices they promise. It does, however, include comparisons for cars and hotels to rent which certainly gives it an edge over most of its alternatives.

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Being the oldest of all the others, Expedia has a lot of features that sets it apart, e.g., it offers more routes than any other site. One of the more distinguishing features, among many others, includes Expedia Voyager Mastercard point system that adds points to your accounts on every purchase and eventually lets you use those points to buy plane tickets.  My Scratch Tool, another feature exclusively offered by Expedia, enables you to plan entire itineraries for your trip. Unlike others, it offers to show baggage fees which may be very important for some customers. It also offers two step confirmation before proceeding with a transaction. One major area where it seems to have fallen short of customers’ expectations is availability of filters that many of its competitors are offering.

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It is evident that having a flight booking API can certainly get you the best deals, especially if you are travelling on a budget. However, if you are not satisfied, you can explore through the available options and chose the one that fulfils your requirements the best! Head to Servernope and find your fit: