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Servernope: Reimagining the API Economy

The API Economy traditionally references the value exchange between consumers and providers through APIs. With APIs, companies can organize, communicate, predict, and aggregate data, largely for consumer-facing software products. Companies can also capture market share in synergistic industries with these products – or, as many large start-ups demonstrate, create a new industry or industry segment with such APIs. 

However, despite unlocking massive economic opportunities, today’s API talent is forced into silos: either they develop APIs for clients at a large software development firm, or they work in a coding team within a company at least partially reliant on the deployment of APIs. In both cases, hosting APIs can be more of a hassle than developing them, blocking developers from deploying APIs at the rate they are capable of. Accordingly, developers lose out on the opportunity cost of such managerial decisions. Further, the value added by the APIs is not captured by individual developers, but rather diverted to management and overhead costs.

Servernope aims to make the API Economy function more like an economy: an economy with buyers, sellers, and a centralized marketplace. Subscribers can search, find, and integrate existing APIs to focus on writing the code or creating the products they know best. Developers can create APIs, capture the value their APIs drive by setting their price and receiving a set amount per call, and focus on what they do best — coding — thanks to Servernope’s free hosting and central listing of all APIs. Moreover, Servernope connects the needs of API subscribers with API developers, streamlining the product-market fit process by aligning demanded tools with talented developers. 

Lastly, enterprises face multiple pain points related to their API ecosystem. Even when companies don’t aim to monetize APIs, managing internal APIs is always a challenge. Servernope helps enterprises and their teams to host, document, collaborate, and share private APIs in a single place, reducing their need to pay for lots of different platform/software providers and eliminating APIs development rework by allowing all engineers to get access to a single source of truth. Further, enterprises can utilize Servernope’s Marketplace to access existing APIs on the marketplace so they can focus on coding what they code best.

At Servernope, we are building an eco-system of innovation by empowering developers to easily develop and distribute their APIs. Are you in?